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Vow Writing Class

Crafting your personal wedding vows should never feel like a chore, but rather a labor of love. It's a sacred opportunity to express the depth of your feelings, commitment, and promises to your partner. It's a chance to pour your heart out, to reflect on your journey together, and to envision your future as a couple. Embrace the process with joy and sincerity and a bit of guidance. 

Join Cherise, an award winning professional wedding officiant, as she works with you and your partner to organize your thoughts and feelings to create the best vows for your special day. Whether you choose to share them in private or in front of all of your guests, they should be authentic and from the heart. 

This class will be held on April 28th in Tacoma, WA from 6pm-7:30pm. You will receive a Vow Writing Guide, custom crafted vow booklets by Honest Calligraphy,  and individualized assistance, all while enjoying snacks and sips and a beautiful date night with your partner. 

The cost is $60 per couple and seats are limited.

*this class will be recorded by Hollywood's own Nico Raineau of RomCom Weddings*

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