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Hi there! I'm Cherise, your friend and wedding officiant. 

My admiration for the wedding officiant came during my own wedding. My husband and I planned a full scale wedding in under a month and my best friend knew a guy (Pastor Mike) who could officiate. I hadn't given it much thought and just expected that he would say what he needed to make us legally married. I was completely blown away during our ceremony to hear him deliver the most beautiful words that were nothing at all like I had imagined.


About Me

A few years later some friends were getting married and looking for an officiant and I told them “If you don’t find anyone, I’d love to do it for you”. They were thrilled to have me, and ran with the opportunity! I am ordained through a wonderful organization based in Seattle called American Marriage Ministries.

I didn’t consider this a long-term business, or a business at all really, more like a joyful service. But through positive word of mouth, coworkers, friends, and friends of friends began asking me to officiate their weddings and I absolutely loved it.

What I enjoy about being an officiant is hearing the details of a couple’s personal story. How they met, got engaged, and quirky things about their relationships and their journeys. Weddings are fun! They are happy spaces and people are happy to see me. In another life I was a dental assistant, so no one was really happy to see me back then. Joking, but I really do love my work much more now.



Now with years of experience and hundreds of weddings and elopements under my belt, I've created a process that I believe helps couples have a ceremony that is truly authentic to them.

Getting to know each other is what allows me to work on a deeply personal level with you. In this process you share the details of your love story and I turn that into a wedding ceremony that is both personalized and professional.

I cherish these meaningful interactions and relationships with my couples. I want you to be comfortable, and I want to be there as a friend celebrating the special moment with you. Just call me your 'hired homegirl'.

A friend with the professional experience to make sure that your wedding or elopement is legal, while also being a seamless and magical experience.

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