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Choosing the perfect unity ritual for your wedding ceremony.

How to add the perfect bit of flare to your ceremony.

There are many reasons to add a unity ritual to your wedding ceremony. It could be tied to your faith or maybe it's something your family has done for generations or just maybe you're a Leo and have a love for being extra. Whatever the reason is, you and your partner should both agree and be excited to perform a ritual that honors your love.

Here are a few of my favorite unity rituals I've witnessed as a professional wedding officiant.

Tying The Knot

The tying of the knot unity ritual originates from Celtic tradition and symbolizes the joining of two separate lives. It is typically done by using two ropes or cords draped over the couples hands and used to bind them together during the ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete the couple can then pull the loose ends to tie the knot.

Jumping The Broom

This tradition is rooted in African American culture. Slaves were not permitted to legally wed however they did not let this stop them from marrying. They would jump the broom signifying a new beginning and sweeping away the past. This unity ritual is still completed today at many African American weddings as a way to honor the past and celebrate how far we've come.

Ring Warming

A ring warming is a sweet unity ritual that allows couples to include their closest loved ones. Before they exchange rings with one another, they are passed around to the guests who are given a moment to hold the rings and send their well wishes, blessing, and good vibes to the couple. If you have a large guest count the rings can be placed at the entry of the ceremony for each person to hold them or they can be passed to "first row guests" who typically are family and close friends.

Blanketing Ceremony

Many unity rituals are tied to cultural roots. The Indigenous blanketing ceremony is most commonly practiced in Cherokee weddings. During the ceremony the couple's mother's or another loved one drapes a blue blanket over them symbolizing the sorrow of their lives before marriage.

Seal it With a Shot

As you can imagine this unity ritual is tons of fun! For the couple who likes to have a good time and don't take themselves too seriously (keeping in mind that marriage is very serious and these decisions should not be taken lightly) capping off the ceremony with a celebratory shot and getting the party started!

Be authentically you!

When choosing a unity ritual to add to your wedding ceremony remember that it should reflect you and your partner style and personality. Whether that is honoring your faith or culture or paying homage to your favorite pastime, it should look and feel authentic to you.

Please be mindful to not appropriate a unity ritual that is steeped in a culture you do not associate with.

Cheers to a wonderful wedding!


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